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When children become unimportant to a society, that society has forfeited its future.

L. Ron Hubbard

Science of Survival

Carroll-Rees Academy & Arts

                An Applied ScholasticsTM School 

3031 Angus St., Los Angeles, CA 90039, Phone & Fax:  323-663-0807





That’s us.


   A fascinating quote from L. Ron Hubbard comes from page 202 of his book, The Creation of Human Ability.  It goes like this:


“Almost all education has been hammered into the preclear as a ‘terribly important activity.’  Actually, it will be as much use to him as it is considered casually.  This accounts, in some measure, for the tremendous difference in the attitude toward education of one trained by casual and interested tutors and one trained between the millstones of the public school system, with all the horrors of the examination for passing.  And accounts for the complete failure, on the part of universities, to educate into existence a leadership class.  The secret lies entirely in the fact that education is as effective as it is pleasant, unhurried, casual, and is as ineffective as it is stressed to be important.”



   For this reason, and others, we don’t have the kids wear uniforms.     We don’t hand out 2-3 hours of homework each night. We don’t insist that students memorize mountains of useless facts to be spit out on exams.






Lots of questions here, like, why seaweed on the head, for openers?


   We don’t have bells that go off every 38 minutes to announce the next class period.  We don’t have rigid grade levels that take a whole year to get through, with a final exam that must be passed, or else.  Students advance at their own pace.  That can be pretty fast.


   If a kid gets interested in some subject, why, we let him or her run with it.

We don’t bow down to “Authority” and accept the “very best thinking” from the “very best experts” on what we should think about the issues of the day.  We encourage the students to think for themselves.


   Students get a lot of interested, CASUAL, personal attention from a very highly trained, very experienced teacher, who loves working with kids.


   We do make sure students actually understand what they’re studying.  Do they know the words?  Do they understand the words?  Can they think with the material?  Can they reject things that aren’t true?  Can they apply what they’re studying? 


   Can they relate what they’re studying now with other data? 



© 2009 Carroll-Rees Academy & Arts.  All Rights Reserved.




   We also look at areas that maybe don’t seem to have much connection to academics:  Are these students civilized?  Do they apply any part of The Way to Happiness book?  Can they get along with other people?  Can we take them out in public and not be embarrassed?


   June Carroll-Rees is very highly trained in L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology and word clearing technology* and has great success at teaching students to read, do math and getting them off to a great start.

   A couple examples of tools she uses (two out of many):


   One is our library, well over 5000 books.  A small part of that is a collection of 82 numbered books she has collected from many different sources.  These books take a student from not being able to read at all to reading at a pretty decent level, and able to select books on his or her own to read.


   Another tool is one most people wouldn’t give a second glance.  It’s a math text from 1917, rescued from a used bookstore.  It covers arithmetic from approximately grade 1 up through about grade 4, all in one small hardcover book.


   It lays out math ideas, principles and problems in a very matter-of-fact way and has very practical problems for the student to solve.  When a student walks his way through this book, along with some others, he or she knows and can apply basic arithmetic.  It’s not mysterious or difficult.  It just works.  Like a charm.  



*Word Clearing- a technique for locating and handling misunderstood words or symbols.







Aahh, the simple things of life.

   The school setting is the opposite of a typical institutional-type school.  It’s located off of a quiet street in Silverlake, where we’ve been located for the past 7 years.  We love it here.  It’s shaded and has plenty of run around space and lots of nooks and crannies to hide in.  It’s more like a home than a school.  It has foot-thick brick walls, both outside and inside, stone floors and old original hardwood.  There’s comfy carpet in the play room.  Our school is very relaxed, casual and comfortable.


   Did we mention the small classroom size?

   The weekly music lessons?

   The no extra charge for before-school and after-school care?

   The field trips, most of which are free or very low cost?

   Well, if we didn’t, we should have.


   If you’re looking for a school where your child will get off to a great start, please stop by and get acquainted.  Tell us what you need and want in a school.  What does your child want in a school?  What goals does your child have for his or her life?  How can we help?

Earn $100

by bringing or sending someone in to the school who then starts. Call 323-663-0807 for more information.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to reproduce selections from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.  An Applied ScholasticsTM school.  Applied Scholastics and the Applied Scholastics Logo are trademarks and service marks owned by Association for Better Living and Education   International and are used with its permission.  Carroll-Rees Academy admits students of any race, religion, color or national or ethnic origin.  Issue No. 76.