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Ethics & Morals

This is a pretty important subject.

Too often today it seems our children get very little help in sorting this area of life out. Many public schools just don't seem to get into this subject. Apparently it is just left up to the individual to somehow work out on his or her own.

Or worse, the kids are taught there is no real absolute right and wrong, really. It's all relative.

We do not agree with that approach to "teaching" kids about a vital part of life.

June and Amita
June presents Amita wih a special apron for being "best chef" at the school potluck dinner!
Fortunately, we have, and use, a very successful tool. It is a book called The Way to Happiness. It is a non-religious "common sense guide to better living" written by L. Ron Hubbard. It is used daily in thousands of schools and groups all over the world.

The 21 precepts, and their detailed discussions within the book, give one vital data to use in making one's way through life.

We find the ideas contained in this book are invaluable in helping to instill values, honesty and integrity, and a sense of right and wrong in children. (and adults.)

Call or write and we will send you a free copy of this booklet, for your examination.

Or check out the Web site of The Way to Happiness Foundation, where you can read the full version of the book, on-line.

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