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Links to Other Sites

Links to Other Sites

Below are some Websites you may find of interest, and use.

If you know of, or find, other sites on the Web that deal with learning, education, children, homeschooling, sources of books and materials, etc., please the addresses of those sites and we will check them out and, possibly, add them to this page for others' benefit. Thank you.

Jessi on horse.
Jessi and friend, way up in the Griffith Park Hills.

Cool Sites

Applied Scholastics International is a non-profit organization set up to license schools like ours to use the study methods developed by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. It also has a publishing arm which publishes books and other materials. It also has a Training College which trains parents and teachers in these methods. It's phone number is 314-355-6355. They are located in St. Louis, Missouri. They are very good people. Highly recommended.

Association for Better Living and Education, International, often called by its acronym, "ABLE" is a non-profit organization set up to promote and consult Applied Scholastics and three other organizations which are working to bring about effective reform in different areas of society: Narconon, which has the most effective drug-rehabilitation program on the planet. The Way to Happiness Foundation, which utilizes a non-religious moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard to restore values and integrity to millions around the world. Criminon, which achieves the remarkable rehabilitation of prison inmates so they are no longer criminals.

This site would not be complete without grateful acknowledgement to L. Ron Hubbard and heartfelt thanks for his work. The amount of work this man did to improve conditions for us all is staggering. The sites mentioned above display many different aspects of his work, but only show a small fraction of his accomplishments.

Other Cool Sites

I really like John Holt's Bookstore, which is all about homeschooling kids. This is a great site to buy books and tapes and transcripts from John Taylor Gatto, and other great educators.

Well, that's all we have at this time. We would love to add some more cool sites, right about here. with your suggestions and we'll check them out. Thanks. We hope this site has been of use to you. Good Luck.

June Carroll-Rees (Founder and Principal, Head Teacher)
Mike Rees (Administrator, Webmaster)

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