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We go 12 months a year. We take a couple of weeks off in the summer and a couple of weeks off between Christmas and New Year's, and the usual Holidays, and that's all.

The day starts at 8 AM. That's when we show up and that's the earliest time students should be dropped off.

Classes start at 9 AM.

The first class goes until 10 AM, and then there is a 15-minute break. The second class goes until 11 AM, and then there is a second 15-minute break. Lunch is from noon to 1 PM.

Chloe and Chris
Chloe and Chris bow during a dance at the Christmas Show.
After lunch, classes go from 1 PM until 3:30, depending on what is going on that day. The usual schedule in the fall, winter and spring includes music and singing class one afternoon a week. (kids at different levels at different times.) Depending on our mood and the weather and how the kids have done that week we often, but not always, take the students to Griffith Park Friday afternoons. We have a fair number of field trips, especially in the summer.


We don't hand out homework assignments, as a general rule. We don't hand out 3 hours of homework each night and insist on the parents helping with it. You can see from the above that we have short class periods, with lots of break time. Because of the study methods we employ our students make as good or better progress than most kids in public schools, as measured on California Achievement Tests, even though we apparently take things MUCH less seriously than in a public school.

One of our goals with each student is to see a student get so interested in some subject that they spend time at home on it, of their own free will, simply because they themselves want to put extra time in on it. Not because anyone is forcing them to study it. Then we know we are making some real progress with that student.

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