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Tuition and Costs

The tuition is $7,200 per year, payable annually in advance or in monthly installments of $600 per month.

We offer a discount for those of you with more than one child in our school. $50 dollars per month off for the second child from a family. ($600 per year.)

Jared and fish
Jared caught many a fine fish that day.
Books & Materials Fee

$250 per year, of which $125 is due March 1st and $125 is due September 1st.

The $125 Books and Materials Fee is due the first month enrollment starts, regardless of when the student starts during the year.

First month's tuition Pro-Rated

Should a student enroll mid-month the tuition due for that first month shall be pro-rated. That is, the monthly installment shall be divided by 20 to arrive at a daily tuition rate. The number of days left in the month shall be multiplied by that daily tuition rate and that will be the amount of installment due for that first month.

Tuition Due Date

Fees are payable on the 1st of each month. We give a five-day grace period.

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